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Crash Report Portal (

Department of Public Safety (
Most recent application to apply for Gun Permits.

Emergency Preparedness (
Information for Emergency Situation and how to prepare your family and yourself .

Homeland Security News (
Information regarding Homeland Security.

Iowa Law Enforcement (
The official Iowa Law Enforcement website.

Iowa Sex Offender Registry (
Official State of Iowa Sex Offender Registry

IowaVine (
The IowaVINE system is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or internet to search for information regarding the custody status of their offender and to register to receive telephone and email notification when the offender’s custody status changes. The toll-free number for IowaVINE is 888-7-IAVINE or 888-742-8463. This service is provided to assist victims of crime who have a right to know about their offender’s custody status.

National Sheriffs Association (


Preventing Terrorism (
Information on how to prevent terrorism

Public Information Portal (
Current Inmates, Warrants, Sex Offenders

Reporting Suspicious Activity (http://
What You Need To Know Prompt and detailed reporting of suspicious activities can help prevent violent crimes or terrorist attacks. If you see suspicious activity, please report it to your local police department. Local law enforcement officers can respond quickly. Once they assess the situation, they can obtain additional support.

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