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“Senior Check Program”

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The Marshall County Senior Check Program is developed to offer a means of providing the elderly citizens of our County an enhanced sense of safety and service. 

It directs the sworn personnel of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office to have closer, one on one, contact with those individuals who may need our assistance the most, the elderly. The program allows those residents, over 50 years of age and who possess the desire to participate, access to the Sheriff’s office more directly through a designated Deputy Sheriff. 

 In addition to the accessibility, participants will find that the Sheriff’s Office will be in closer contact with them, on a periodic basis, thus increasing the level of security from enhanced communication. 

 Each applicant will be given the opportunity to fully participate in the Operation Identification program, with a Deputy Sheriff coming to their home to assist in registering their personal property in the system. Deputies will be urged to periodically stop in and visit with those who participate in the program, to hear their troubles, fears or concerns about law enforcement in Marshall County. It is hoped that this increased communication will build a bond between senior citizens and the Sheriff’s Office to provide better service by learning of possible adjustments in operation or patrol and tailoring our activity more directly to the need at hand. 

 Finally, theSenior Check Program will allow those elderly individuals in Marshall County, who may have a higher level of health risk, to be occasionally checked on by Sheriff's Office personnel. Information from each participant will be recorded and maintained in a database for easy access by agency personnel as well as the Communications Center. Access to such things as family contacts, medical risks, medication needs and physician will allow the responding public safety agency to be better prepared in dealing with any emergency calls for service to a participating individual’s residence. This will hopefully help family members to feel more assured that their senior relatives are safe and secure.

 The qualification process is very simply with few restrictions.

 To qualify for the Senior Check Program an individual must: 

 Be a resident of rural Marshall County, or one of the communities in which the Marshall County Sheriff's Office provides contract law enforcement coverage.

 Be over the age of 50 and retired from full-time employment.

 Be able to provide at least two emergency/family contacts that are willing to be called by the Sheriff’s Office if necessary. 

To apply, simply stop by the Sheriff’s Office and complete an application or contact Deputy Steve Hoffman at 641/754-6380. 

Return the completed application to: 

Marshall County Sheriff's Office
c/o Senior Check Program
2369 Jessup Avenue
Marshalltown, IA 50158



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