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Be Alert for Deer

October 8, 2022

Photo above taken by the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office of one of the three vehicles involved in separate collisions with deer within a two-hour period on October 7th.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office reminds drivers to use caution and be alert for deer on the roadways.    There were two different occasions this week where Deputies were on scene investigating a car-deer crash and were called to the scene of another at the same time.  On Friday morning alone, three deer crash reports were taken between 5:00-7:00AM.

According to Iowa DOT crash statistics, October, November, and December are the peak months for motor vehicle crashes with deer.  As of October 5th, there have been 88 deer crashes reported to law enforcement in Marshall County in 2022.   Over the past 10 years, the average number of crashes is around 114 per year in Marshall County.

Fall is the start of the mating season for deer which causes them to be on the move.  Farmers are also working to complete the harvest of crops which also contributes to the extra movement of the deer. 

According to 2021 IDOT statistics there were 7,699 animal-related crashes in Iowa that resulted in 5 fatalities, 33 serious injuries, and 151 minor injuries.  Marshall County saw 115 crashes that resulted in 3 minor injuries. 

There are several tips drivers should be aware of to avoid crashes with animals:

-Be especially alert at dusk and dawn, since these are the times of day deer are most active

-Avoid distractions in the vehicle that reduce ability to see or react to animals near the roadway

-If you see one deer, assume there are others nearby

There are several crashes reported each year where drivers swerved to avoid an animal in the roadway.  These crashes tend to be more severe and are more likely to result in injury.  If drivers encounter an animal in the roadway, it is best to brake and continue traveling straight in your lane on the roadway.  Hitting an animal in the roadway is often better than the other possible outcomes. If a vehicle swerves and leaves the roadway, there is a likelihood of a rollover crash or striking fixed objects such as utility poles, embankments, bridges, or culverts. 

If a driver is involved in a crash with a deer, move the vehicle off the traveled portion of the roadway if possible and turn on your emergency flashers and contact law enforcement. 

For additional information contact:

Chief Deputy Ben Veren

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office


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