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National Guard assists Marshall County

February 28, 2007

Throughout Marshall County - This media release relates to the power outage throughout Marshall County Iowa that originated with the storm on Saturday February 24, 2007.

Please be advised that beginning at 1:00 p.m. on 02/28/2007 the Iowa National Guard will be canvassing the rural Marshall County area. This canvas is being conducted by the National Guard in order to provide assistance to the Marshall County Sheriff's Office and Marshall County Emergency Management.

Members of the Iowa National Guard will be going home to home in the rural areas checking on the well-being of any occupants who have chosen to remain in their houses. They will also be working with deputies from the Marshall County Sheriff's Office to ensure the safety and security of the rural area remains intact during this current period of concern.

We request all media outlets who cover the Marshall County area to broadcast this information so that individuals who might be able to monitor your systems will be better prepared when an individual in military uniform comes to their door.

It is important that we also notify the citizens in this area that the easiest means of confirmation that the individual/s at their door are legitimate is to make notice of the large, sand colored military vehicle they will have driven up to their home in. In order to limit copycat potential by subjects who might attempt to perpetrate a ruse, the indication of the type of vehicle is an essential element.

We ask that the citizens of Marshall County remain open to the assistance offered by the Iowa National Guard when they come to check on them. This current situation we are under will remain for several more days. Power outages throughout the area are being addressed however due to the immense initial damage, the period of outage will continue for some time.

The Marshall County Sheriff's Office asks that anyone who is without heat and/or water seriously consider temporary relocation until you are notified that your utilities are back up. We suggest that if you do vacate your home for an extended period of time you notify the Marshall County Sheriff's Office by calling the main Business number of the Sheriff's Office. (641/754-6380) Leave your name, the address of the home you are vacating, the time you are leaving and a phone contact number you can be reached at easily. Be sure to secure the home and that any potential fire hazards are eliminated. Upon your returning home, we ask that you reverse that process and let us know you are living there again.

Mother Nature has hit our area hard. It is at times like these that we must band together, working as one for the good of the community. We want to thank the National Guard and all the volunteers who have been contributing to our efforts.

Sheriff Ted G. Kamatchus

About Marshall County Sheriff's Office
The Marshall County, Iowa Sheriff's Office is headed up by Sheriff Ted G. Kamatchus. Sheriff Kamatchus is committed to keeping communities and neighborhoods safe in Marshall County.

For additional information or a sample copy, contact:
Sheriff Ted G. Kamatchus
Marshall County Sheriff's Office
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