Marshall County

2024 USPCA Annual State of Iowa Detection Certification Trials

March 27, 2024

On March 25th and 26th, Deputy Tanner Hunt and his partner, K9 Bosco, and Reserve Deputy Melinda Ruopp and her partner, K9 Lizzy, attended the United States Police Canine Associations (USPCA) annual State of Iowa Detection Certification Trial. The USPCA is the largest and most recognized K9 Association in the US and certifies nearly 2,000 canines in detection and patrol work annually. This trial was hosted by the Woodbury County, Iowa Sheriff’s Office, and 60 dogs from around the states of Iowa, North Dakota, Missouri, and Minnesota attended. The K9's were tested in their ability to find hidden narcotics in vehicles and rooms. The dogs are scored by judges (other prior and current K9 handlers) who evaluate the team’s skill in locating and alerting to the narcotics. The handler and dog do not know where the narcotics are hidden, and the dog must use their nose to locate the narcotics.      

This was Deputy Hunt’s very first Iowa Trial. There are a possible 200 points for this test and of that,  Deputy Hunt scored 194.66! This is a remarkable score for his first time attending. Bosco located the hidden narcotics by sitting or “downing” at the location of the narcotics. We are also pleased to announce that K9 Lizzy and Deputy Ruopp scored a perfect 200 out of 200, taking first place overall!

This was a big event for Deputy Hunt and Bosco, as it was their first certification in Iowa after graduating from K9 Class barely 6 months ago. Reserve Deputy Ruopp has over 30 years of handling experience and trains regularly with Deputy Hunt. We are proud of our K9's and continue to welcome and appreciate the support given to us by the citizens of Marshall County.

Congratulations Deputies Hunt, Bosco, Ruopp, and Lizzy!!!

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**UPDATE-Marshall County Deputies respond to Fatal Accident in Rural Marshall County**

June 10, 2024

Driver identity released in single vehicle fatality crash that occurred on 06/06/2024 in rural Marshall County.
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